America’s pendulum politics

America’s political metamorphosis explained

Pendulum politics

Talk radio host Glenn Beck called for moderation during his Wednesday morning broadcast, making excellent points about the state of American politics.

Beck describes American political power as a “pendulum” that reacts to extremes on one side by swinging far to the other side of the political spectrum.

Beck warned democrats in 2008: “Be careful how far you push things,” because there would be a backlash from the opposing political side.

Radical, fringe elements from either side are dictating the political response in America, Beck believes, by activating the fears of the public to create counter movements that push Americans to the other side.

Beck observes that the red, white, and blue response to 9/11 resulted in the Patriot Act, when “the American flag stood for nothing but republicanism.”

In response to this patriotic fervor, he notes, Americans elected a president that refused to wear an American flag lapel pin and went on an apology tour in disgust at his own country.

The response to President Barack Obama has begot Donald Trump, a populist president-elect with very strong right-wing views. Beck cites the numerous executive orders instituted by Obama, which ignored Constitutional procedures and congressional authority, as another reason for Trump’s success at mobilizing the nation in his favor.

Moderation has been lacking from American politics, and Beck is frustrated that merely sitting down with “the other side” can elicit accusations of traitorship.

Beck sent the conservative blogosphere ablaze just before the 2016 election when he stated that, “it has crossed my mind,” to vote for Hillary Clinton. He later made his intentions clear by admitting that he was going to vote for Constitutional Party candidate Darrell Castle.

Beck had this parting message for his listeners: “Let people be who they are…and reap the rewards or losses…and that should be something we all agree on.”

Prediction: In two years, you will see even more republicans elected to Congress. But in four to eight years, as the pendulum swings, the White House will be occupied by the most liberal, socialist president America has ever elected.


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Benjamin Baird

The Grand Master of Truth, Benjamin Baird is a veteran infantryman of Iraq and Afghanistan with over 1000 days in combat settings. He graduated with honors from the American Military University, studying Middle Eastern affairs with a concentration on Iraq. Ben is a freelance journalist, a proven military leader, and conservative super hero, responding to liberal villainy wherever it rears its ugly head.