Ohio State faculty ignore terror threats, focus on Muslim hate crimes

Ohio State terror

Columbus, Ohio: A 20-year old has been identified as the slain suspect in a bizarre knife and vehicle assault on the Ohio State University campus. He is a Somalian refugee and Ohio State University student named Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  Nine people were injured with non-life threatening injuries, although one is said to be in critical condition. The knife attack follows statements from university and city leaders condemning Muslim hate crimes on campus.

Dr. Andrew Thomas of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center describes the injuries as “lacerations” from the knife attack and “soft tissue injuries” caused when the Somalian refugee ran over several students gathered outside an educational facility. He says that two victims have already undergone surgery to treat their injuries.

After a fire alarm was triggered from a faulty sensor at Watts Hall, a chemical engineering department, students and faculty evacuated the building around 10am. Eyewitnesses state that this is when the assault began, first when a vehicle drove over a curb and struck students. Ali Artan then exited the car and used what Columbus Police Department officials describe as a “butcher knife” to attack more victims.

Ohio State University President Michael Drake praised the actions of students and police that responded to the attack. Students were advised during the attack to “RUN HIDE FIGHT” via social media. This message corresponds with OSU’s protocol for responding to an active attacker, described on their Department of Public Safety website.

Columbus Police Chief Kimberly Jacobs acknowledged that the attack could be a terrorist plot, referencing another February assault in which a Somalian man used a machete to attack his victims

Columbus resident and Somalian Mohamad Barry used a large blade to attack customers of the Nazareth restaurant whom he believed were Jewish. Barry inquired as to the descent of the restaurant owner, and later returned with a machete and assaulted four customers after he learned that the owner was from Israel.

Ohio State terror

A 33-year old Algerian immigrant was responsible for a machete attack in Belgium that left two police officers seriously injured in August, and one month earlier a similar attack from a Muslim migrant using a large blade inside of a German train car left 20 injured.

The attacks at Ohio State and elsewhere with machetes and vehicles may be in response to a 2014 order from Islamic State leaders: “If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him…”

Despite the great potential for a jihad-like attack in Columbus, a city that has recently seen an influx of Muslim migrants, the Columbus City Council and the Ohio State University have chosen instead to highlight relatively infrequent and uncorroborated claims of hate crimes against Muslims.

Crusade of Truth, writing for Jihad Watch, recently reported on the Columbus organizations that either sided with or opposed the Columbus chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group with ties to Middle Eastern terrorism. CAIR actively seeks out reports of hate crimes against Muslims, and they have promoted multiple allegations of hate crimes that were later proven to be fabricated.

CAIR does not redact allegations that are later proven to be falsified.

Ohio State’s president responded to CAIR reports that attacks against Muslims have increased since Donald Trump was elected President. In an open letter signed by nine other faculty members, Drake wrote, “”Over these past few days, we have heard deeply disturbing reports of verbal assaults on students and others at a wide range of institutions, from middle schools to universities across the country, including our own campus.”

Drake continued by identifying OSU as a safe place for all nationalities, races and religions. “We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, welcoming and ultimately safe place for people and ideas from all corners of our society and all around the world,” Drake wrote. “It is in fact the collective sum of our experiences and backgrounds that makes us so strong.”

For the nine victims of the Somalian refugee’s bloody rampage, OSU was neither safe nor inclusive to them. Their university allied itself with a controversial organization, one to which the FBI and the Columbus Police have refused to work, and one in which the United Arab Emirates has declared a terrorist organization.

Chris Gaubatz, an undercover national security consultant that infiltrated CAIR, had this to say of Ohio State’s new Islamic partner in a testimony before the U.S. Senate: “During my time conducting undercover research as an intern for Hamas, both at CAIR Maryland/Virginia in Herndon, Virginia, and CAIR-National in Washington DC, I preserved documents that revealed Hamas doing business as CAIR: [CAIR] conspired to cover-up fraud committed by one of their immigration attorneys; discussed coordinating with Bin Laden and his associates; placed staffers and interns inside congressional offices -conspired to influence congress, specifically judiciary, intelligence, and homeland security committees; impacted congressional districts, tasking each Hamas Chapter office with influencing at least two legislators.”

CAIR-Columbus has scheduled live remarks on Ali Arten’s assault at 6pm EST. Some will not be convinced by their expected condemnation of the attack:

While it may never be known whether or not the Somalian attacker was agitated by the claims of CAIR and President Drake. specifically that Muslims were being assaulted on campus, Ohio State officials should carefully investigate claims of hate crimes made by CAIR before publicly denouncing them. Drake’s open letter was in response to two reports made by CAIR that Muslim women were threatened by lone men on OSU campus. While CAIR and Ohio State have aggressively publicized these events, neither allegations were reported to local police for an in-depth investigation.

Additionally, Ohio State has failed to identify the potential for Muslim terrorist attacks on campus, especially considering past attacks in the city. In addition to the February 2016 machete attack, local Somalian immigrant Nuradin Abdi was indicted in 2004 for plotting to blow up an area shopping mall.

An ISIS magazine recently published an article encouraging its adherents in the West to engage in lone wolf attacks, and to use a car as a weapon against people before using a different weapon to attack more victims.

Ohio State officials chose not to focus on the very real dangers of terrorism to their students and staff. Instead, Drake and nine other OSU leaders chose to highlight two unproven claims of hate crimes made by an organization widely condemned by both national and international entities. The results are not surprising.

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