Ben Garrison: It happens in threes…Castro’s death

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 “It Happens in Threes..Castro’s Death”
They say deaths of famous people happens in threes. I have some suggestions in this cartoon for the other two.
A murdering, despicable tyrant named Fidel Castro is dead. He inflicted communism on Cuba, which he and his brother ran with an iron fist.
Castro lived to an overripe old age. Many dictators live long lives because they love power. Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings” couldn’t die as long as he possessed the Ring of Power. Even when he lost it he couldn’t die because he still lusted for the ring. It’s the same principle with tyrants. Some years ago I read a biography titled “Mao, The Unknown Story,” written by Jung Chang. When Mao was finally about to die, he resented it mightily. Not necessarily because he feared death. What he really resented was losing his power. He absolutely loved it. He was obsessed with power. So was Castro….

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Ben Garrison


Thank you, Ben.

With Fidel Castro’s death, President Obama failed to capitalize on a key moment to force reform in Cuba by calling for Havana to liberalize. President-elect Trump, conversely, has made it clear that the U.S.-Cuba warming of relations would not continue under Raul Castro unless concessions are made by the communist state.

Florida Senator and Cuban American Marco Rubio called Obama”s remarks following the death of Castro “pathetic.”

Democratic lawmakers in the House and Senate seem eager to forgive and forget with Cuba, and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota has introduced legislation to end the 50 year embargo against Cuba.

Trump, on the other hand, seems to be ready to take a hard-line against Cuba following the death of their iconic leader. Top Trump aides have mentioned that Cuba must loosen its restrictive communist control of its citizens if America and Cuba are to enjoy any sort of partnership.

Reince Priebus, Trump’s future chief of staff, has said that Trump would reverse Obama’s détente with Cuba unless there is “some movement” from Raul Castro to introduce some democratization to the island nation.

However, the tough talk from Trump on the campaign trail has softened somewhat, and the President-elect has been noticeably vague with his demands. A U.S.-Cuba expert from the University of North Carolina, Gregory Weeks, says that Trump is, “a businessman. He’s been interested in doing business in Cuba. There is not a whole lot of interest in rolling back Cuba policy. The business side of the Republican party is very much in favor of it.”

Indeed, it appears that the deaths of George Soros and Henry Kissinger, whenever they come, will bring greater change to the world than the death of a murderous Cuban dictator.

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