Ben Garrison: often imitated, never duplicated

Ben Garrison
Meet the man who would capture the attention of Americans…of every variety


Ben Garrison: often imitated, never duplicated

They took his art and twisted it into something so vile and grotesque that it was no longer recognizable. Ben Garrison helplessly watched as white nationalists, internet trolls and degenerate racists defaced his political cartoons and transformed them into hateful propaganda.

In many ways, Garrison’s story reflects that of conservative America. A small minority of hate-mongers attach themselves to mainstream conservatism and steal the show. The media fails to discriminate between moderate conservative policies and racist bigotry, and the result is a polarized citizenry in fear of a perpetual “Other.”

Garrison is the type of rogue cartoonist that exemplifies the mission statement of Crusade of Truth. He, too, is on a quest to retake the informational institutions from those that would traffic in lies and misinformation.

Not only is Ben Garrison an adept illustrator and a practiced oil painter; the libertarian caricaturist is equally comfortable with the finer complexities of the written English word and has authored a book. His curt reasonableness is immediately apparent in his open letter advising lady-ghostbuster Leslie Jones on how to deal with trolls.

Amazingly, Garrison’s true talent is not in his biting prose or compelling artistry.

Indeed, his true strength lies in his cunning perceptiveness of all things political. Garrison, the son of a World War II veteran, admits that he was inspired to provide a public service to America after he witnessed systemic corruption from the country’s bankers and lawmakers.

In an interview with Crusade of Truth, the conservative cartoonist said, “My dad was a WWII vet who fought in many battles. But as for me, I was never in the military, and so when the big banks were bailed out I decided to do something that I considered patriotic: protesting by drawing political cartoons.”

If the challenges facing an emerging cartoonist of any variety seem insurmountable, they are even more difficult for a conservative artist publishing cartoons for mass internet consumption. Hate groups and extremists began disfiguring his products, completely altering the messages behind the cartoons by strategically placing a swastika here or a hook-nosed caricature there.

The political insurrectionist’s cartoons have become a strange obsession to an odd cross-section of America’s attention hungry. From firebrand Nazis to anonymous 4-Chaners (the internet’s breeding ground for trolls), imitation social media accounts to the liberal mainstream media, Garrison has accumulated a cult-like following.

He remembers the tough times. “I went through five years of hell with anonymous trolls who changed everything I drew into racist stuff–and they spread them around better than I could my originals. As a result, my reputation was lost and my commercial art business steadily declined.”

Garrison’s primary means of earning a living at the time was by selling his paintings, and the false reputation along with digitally altered photos of him in full Nazi regalia was not well received by his clients.

“I was making some money selling paintings but the trolls put an end to that, too–they harassed the owner of the gallery I was in until I was forced to leave,” Garrison says.

But like many citizens looking back at their fulfillment of the American Dream, Garrison had two mandatory ingredients to see him through to success: perseverance and family.

Ben Garrison
Garrison and Trump both required a superhuman effort to defeat liberal political machines

He persevered by never giving up in the face of adversity. “Last year I hit bottom when our savings ran out and I just couldn’t get work. We could barely pay the rent, and for awhile we had to consider putting our stuff in storage and living out of our truck and tent. I almost stopped drawing the cartoons, and for a few months I did [stop drawing]. Then my wife and I decided that I would start drawing more of them, and then she would spread them around better than the trolls could.”

Garrison’s savvy spouse is in many ways responsible for his rebounding success. “Tina got on social media and made it her full time job. She posted them everywhere–Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr…on and on. I put them on our site and my google blog.”

The conservative cartoonist’s success has arrived despite the efforts of liberal media to discredit Garrison as an alt-right icon. He admits that some media outlets, “are fishing to find a ‘Nazi’ who supports Trump so they can play their stupid ‘gotcha!’ game,” by associating Trump with white supremacy.

Attempts by the Left to tie conservatism to fringe hate groups began long before the 2016 presidential election and have not ended with Trump’s overwhelming victory.

CNN’s latest headline reads: “Alt-right leader: ‘Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!’”

While Garrison may be extremely familiar with such treatment, or the media’s unfair accusations of complicity with groups that the cartoonist has repeatedly condemned, other public figures are given a pass.

For instance, the New Black Panther Party, a group that has called for the mass slaying of white people, has aligned itself with President Barack Obama in the past. The black supremacy group intimidated, coerced, and threatened Philadelphia area voters during the 2008 election. The George W. Bush Justice Department filed suit against the Black Panthers for these acts, only to have Obama later dismiss the charges after taking office.

Despite the de facto presidential pardoning of a black hate group, there are no allegations of radicalism from the press in Obama’s case. Yet, the same media is quick to diagnose Garrison as a hateful xenophobe and even have his anti-Leftist, non-racial cartoons censored as hate speech on social media platforms.


Ben Garrison
This harmless cartoon, titled “Attack of the Cry Bullies,” was removed from Facebook as hate speech.

Fortunately for Truth-seeking Americans, Garrison–like Trump–is seeing his message resonate with regular Americans despite the best efforts of the media, Hollywood, academia, and the liberal political elite. Despite such resistance, or perhaps as a result of it, Garrison’s true artistic voice has emerged and is both educating and entertaining people by the multitudes.

Garrison admits to Crusade of Truth that he just experienced his most successful month to date as an artist. “We turned it around this year. Now we have close to 50k followers on Twitter alone. We’ve got many Patreon supporters and began to sell prints and originals.”

With all the race-baiting and unwarranted accusations of hatred employed by the Left, Trump’s rise to populist stardom should have been no surprise to America–a country sickened by the indiscriminate employment of the “R” word.

Ben Garrison
CNN spews hot garbage for everyday liberal consumption

Likewise, the same calculated tactics have failed to discredit Benjamin Garrison, rogue cartoonist and social critic extraordinaire.

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The Grand Master of Truth, Benjamin Baird is a veteran infantryman of Iraq and Afghanistan with over 1000 days in combat settings. He graduated with honors from the American Military University, studying Middle Eastern affairs with a concentration on Iraq. Ben is a freelance journalist, a proven military leader, and conservative super hero, responding to liberal villainy wherever it rears its ugly head.

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