About Crusade of Truth

About Us

The mainstream media has returned to an era of sensationalism and political bias not seen since the “yellow journalism” days of the early 20th century. Now, like then, we are seeing news and information twisted to earn a profit or please a political master.

The internet has evolved into a sound board from which to counter the out-of-control media. But it is near impossible to sift through the garbage conspiratorial and faux news sites.

Therefore, we submit that a Counter Crusade is needed to bring Truth and authenticity to news and political analysis. A Crusade of Truth  meant to retake the informational institutions from those that would traffic in lies and misinformation.

For too long, the media have colluded with the entrenched political establishment to produce a revisionist narrative that has affected public opinion. No more!

The Crusaders’ weapons of choice are used to conquer the enemy; Liking, sharing, subscribing and commenting are the tools of war in this modern battlefield. Bring us to victory!